Safwa Academy

A Safe Haven for Islamic Values and Academic Excellence

  • An Online US-Based Islamic Education.
  • Safwa School for Grades 1-8.
  • Safwa Courses for all ages.
  • Students from all over the world.
  • Live Classes: Group or Private.

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Welcome to Safwa Academy

An online private school dedicated to providing a pure, Islamic-based education. Join us in fostering a safe and empowering environment where your child's academic and personal growth is our top priority

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Enrollment for the new school year 2024/2025 has begun

Why Safwa?

Curriculum for Pristine Hearts

At Safwa Academy, we're committed to providing a curriculum that harmonizes Islamic principles with academic excellence. Our team carefully develops and regularly updates course content to ensure it's both academically rigorous and rooted in Islamic values. Our goal is to empower students to thrive academically while deepening their faith .

Trustworthy Teachers

"Our exceptional faculty members are inspiring mentors whom you can trust with your children. Equipped to motivate students, foster critical thinking, and guide learners towards success and personal growth in our live virtual classrooms."

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Safe & Empowering Environment 

Safwa Academy cultivates a welcoming, respectful online space where students can freely express their Islamic identity. We believe that a safe, supportive environment is crucial for learning. Our virtual classrooms encourage open dialogue, mutual respect, and the celebration of perspectives within our Islamic community.

Our Programs

Safwa Online School

Safwa School offers a comprehensive online education for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8, with plans to expand to Grade 9-12 soon. Our curriculum is designed to meet academic standards while incorporating Islamic values to provide a balanced and enriching learning experience.

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Safwa Courses

Safwa Courses offers students to choose specific subjects or skills they want to focus on. These courses are designed to complement the full curriculum and provide additional learning opportunities

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