Safwa Online School

An Innovative Islamic Online School

Our virtual academy offers a dynamic, interactive educational experience through live online classrooms. Students engage in real-time with teachers and peers, accessing high-quality resources from anywhere. We provide a structured yet flexible learning environment designed to help students achieve their educational goals effectively.

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Faith-Aligned Curriculum

At Safwa Academy, we're committed to providing a curriculum that harmonizes Islamic principles with academic excellence. Our team carefully develops and regularly updates course content to ensure it's both academically rigorous and rooted in Islamic values. Our goal is to empower students to thrive academically while deepening their faith .

Trustworthy Teachers

"Our exceptional faculty members are inspiring mentors whom you can trust with your children. Equipped to motivate students, foster critical thinking, and guide learners towards success and personal growth in our live virtual classrooms."

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Safe & Empowering Environment 

Safwa Academy cultivates a welcoming, respectful online space where students can freely express their Islamic identity. We believe that a safe, supportive environment is crucial for learning. Our virtual classrooms encourage open dialogue, mutual respect, and the celebration of perspectives within our Islamic community.

​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

What is Safwa Online School
  • Safwa offers a flexible and convenient online learning environment for students to access their education from anywhere.
  • Safwa is an online private school registered with the US Department of Education.
  • Safwa has an NCES ID: A2400026.

The classes are conducted in a classroom setting with students and their teacher via live broadcast.

The number of students in one class ranges between 4 to 10 students, depending on the age.

Yes, private tutoring is available to strengthen the student's level or if a group class at that level is not available.  

The basic subjects taught in the program include:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Islamic Education

There are two programs offered:

  • Core Program: 
    Consists of the 5 basic subjects mentioned above.
  • Enhanced Program: 
    Consists of the 5 basic subjects plus two additional subjects that we recommend based on the student's age.

The system in the academic years depends on levels. For example:

  • If a student is in the fourth grade, they will study the fourth-grade basic subjects (mathematics, science, Arabic, and Islamic education).
  • Based on the level test result, it will be decided if the student needs fourth-grade mathematics and science but third-grade Arabic, and so on.
  • The decision to classify the student in any academic year is discussed with the administration in detail.
  • The academic year at the school starts in the 9th month of every year and ends in the 7th month of the following year, God willing.
  • The academic year is divided into 3 terms, with each term consisting of 10 weeks. 
  • The official holidays are during most of the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha. 
  • Students can join at the beginning of any academic term.

The teaching system follows the same schedule as regular schools, with the following details:

  • Lesson Duration: 50 minutes per lesson (or its equivalent if the number of lessons is fewer).
  • Weekly Lessons: 3 lessons per week for all subjects, including the Arabic class for young children.

Q: How do I start the registration process? 
A: You can start the registration process by contacting us via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Q: What happens after I contact you? 
A: One of our registration team coordinators will register you and explain the assessment process.

Q: How is the student's level determined? 
A: An assessment appointment will be scheduled to determine the appropriate level for the student.

Q: What happens after the assessment? 
A: Based on the assessment results, the student's placement in the appropriate class will be decided.

Q: How do I provide the necessary student information? 
A: A link will be sent to you to enter the complete student information in our Student Information System (SIS).

Q: How do I pay the fees? 
A: An invoice for the fees will be sent to your email.

Q: What if the student's level requires private lessons instead of group classes? 

A: The coordinator will offer you options for private lessons if the student's level requires extra support or if group classes are not available at convenient times.

Q: How flexible are the private lessons? 

A: Private lessons provide you with the flexibility to choose times that suit you best and allow you to start at any time during the year.